Orlans Associates, P.C. is a Michigan law firm that serves the real estate financial industry. We have extensive experience representing investors, lenders, banks and servicers in loan transactions, default, bankruptcy proceedings, land contract disputes and default, title issues, and real estate transactions. We understand our clients’ business, industry, challenges and opportunities. We take great pride in providing outstanding legal counsel and excellent representation in all aspects of real property transactions and related finance law.

Homeowner Resources

The right way to manage your finances

Owning a home is an exciting and complex experience. Orlans is committed to helping homeowners understand the resources available for successful homeownership and in the loan resolution process. We take great pride in our commitment to help our clients and the people who live in the community we serve.

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Orlans Leadership

Orlans in the Community

We take our responsibility as professionals seriously. We are privileged and honored to be able to give back to our profession and to our community.

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